My Reading List: March 30 – April 5

How Evangelicals Won a Culture War and Lost a Generation by Rachel Held Evans

“Is a ‘victory’ against gay marriage really worth leaving thousands of needy children without financial support? Is a ‘victory’ against gay marriage worth losing more young people to cynicism regarding the church? Is a ‘victory’ against gay marriage worth perpetuating the idea that evangelical Christians are at war with LGBT people? And is a ‘victory’ against gay marriage worth drowning out that quiet but persistent internal voice that asks, ‘what if we get this wrong?’ I, for one, am tired of arguing. I’m tired of trying to defend evangelicalism when its leaders behave indefensibly.”


Wil Wheaton’s Response to a Girl on How to Deal with Being Called a Nerd


Brewers Association Announces Top 50 Breweries of 2013 (By Sales Volume)

“‘In 2013, craft breweries reached new all-time highs in production volume and dollar sales,’ said Bart Watson, staff economist, Brewers Association. ‘Beer lovers continue to demand high-quality, fuller-flavored and local beers from small and independent craft breweries.'”


The REAL Threat to Unity by Zach Hoag

“Jesus and the prophets believed in unity. They didn’t want things to come apart, and, with corrections, wanted there to be togetherness amidst disagreement.”


The Data is In: Noah is Driving People to the Bible by Phil Cooke

“The YouVersion Bible App team tracked the opening of the movie “Noah,” and during the 3 day opening weekend the app reported a 300% increase in people reading or listening to the Noah story from the book of Genesis.  In actual numbers, YouVersion reports during the opening weekend, the Noah story was read or listened to on the app 389,794 times – or about 129,931 times per day.  It’s the highest number of people exploring that passage that they’ve ever experienced.”


FDA to Revise Spent Grain Proposal

“After being flooded with more than 2,000 comments regarding its proposal to tighten regulation of the transaction of spent grain between brewers and farmers, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday said it plans revise its original plan. The agency said it will release an amended version of the proposal this summer.”


Is it Crystal or Caramel Malt? by Terry Foster and Bob Hansen

“Homebrewers are often confused by the terms crystal and caramel malt and are sometimes uncertain as to whether these are basically the same thing and can be used interchangeably, or whether they are quite different animals. Partly this comes from the fact that crystal and caramel malts come in a range of different colors, and that individual products from one maltster may not be identical to those from another producer. They are in fact proprietary products and are often given proprietary names, which only serve to increase the confusion.”


The How I Met Your Mother Finale Bailed on the Entire Show by Margaret Lyons

“Recent seasons of How I Met Your Mother have disappointed me. But it’s one thing when a show makes character choices or pacing decisions I don’t care for — and boy, HIMYM has made a lot of those. It’s another thing, though, when a show makes a choice I don’t respect.”