My Reading List: March 23-March 29

World Vision, Gay Marriage, and a Different Way Through by Jen Hatmaker

“If we are truly concerned about revival, about God’s sustained presence in our generation, then our only recourse is to get on our knees and beg Him to purify our own sinful hearts. Let us not cast the burden on “them” and “they” but take faithful responsibility to allow God’s spirit to reign in you and me. May we take precious care of our fellow man, treating hearts and minds and bellies with the utmost respect, daring to believe that love is indeed the most excellent way. And may our generation not be remembered by all we tore down but by all we built back up.”


Noah: A Midrash by Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel (Interview) by Paul Brandeis Raushenbush

“Not surprisingly, there has been controversy around Noah that has featured the Sunday School crowd loudly declaring that they will refuse to see the film because it does not simply tell the story in the Bible. That is, of course, ridiculous. First of all, the Bible is never simple, and any depiction of it that doesn’t acknowledge that complexity is doing the Bible a disservice.”


Fred Phelps and Our Offensive Gospel by John Russell

“His need for grace is not unrelated to ours. His need for living water is a reflection of our own. And God loves Fred Phelps. God loves Fred Phelps just as much as you and me. And that is really offensive. This is the offense of the gospel: The living water is not reserved for those who are most loving or repentant or even gracious. Though we need grace to have difficult encounters with those unlike us, having those conversations doesn’t earn that grace.”


The Dirty Secret – What The Big (M)ass Brewers Don’t Want You To Know by Beer Somm

“As I see craft beer take off (at the expense of the big guys) I hope dearly that my favs stick to their principles and keep making real beer. New Belgium, Founders – hey I’m rooting for you but I’ll drop you like a bad Oberon if (you) cheapen it up.”


5 Reasons Christians Love To Get The Book of Revelation Wrong by Ed Cyzewski

“The message of Revelation is far more encouraging and relevant than any of us could have guessed. While the rapture is a mistaken doctrine, I’m certainly not making up the positive message of Revelation.”


New FDA Rules May Cut Long-Standing Ties Between Beer Makers, Farmers by Nick McCrea

“America’s booming brewing industry and farmers alike are bothered and befuddled by a proposed U.S. Food and Drug Administration rule change that could alter a partnership that dates back to Neolithic times.”


Music Criticism Has Degenerated Into Lifestyle Reporting by Ted Gioia

“The biggest problem with lifestyle-driven music criticism is that it poisons our aural culture. Discerning consumers who care about music and have good ears should be the bedrock of the music business, but many of them have given up on new artists because they can’t find reliable critics to guide them. Record labels, for their part, need frank, knowledgeable feedback from critics—both to keep them honest and hold them accountable—but such input is in short supply and veering towards extinction. Above all, artists deserve a milieu in which musical talent is celebrated and given some acknowledgement in the media.”


Creativity vs Quants by Timothy Egan

“We’ve bottled lust. We’ve refined political analysis so that nearly every election can be accurately forecast. And we’ve compressed the sum of education for an average American 17-year-old into the bloodless numbers of standardized test scores. What still eludes the captors of knowledge is creativity, even though colleges are trying to teach it, corporations are trying to own it, and Apple has a ‘creativity app.’”